4 Tips on How to Turn a Man On

Women have, over thousands of years, perfected the art of seduction. They’ve mastered the smoky eye look, slipped on those thigh-highs, and tousled their hair, all in efforts to attract the opposite sex. However, nothing makes a woman feel more alluring than a man who wants them when they’re not even trying. Below, women will learn how to turn a man on with little to no effort.

Have a Good Workout

In case women needed yet another reason to hit the gym, men have said that there aren’t many things as sexy as a girl’s post-workout look. While a good workout session may leave one feeling tired and sweaty, all that special man will see is his mate soaking wet and breathless. Instead of doing a full makeup before spin class, just work harder to catch that cute instructor’s eye.

Letting Him Provide Comfort

In many cases, women hide their emotional sides until they’re sure a man really likes them. However, many men confess that they get turned on when women allow themselves to become vulnerable in their presence. Maybe it’s because guys like to feel as if they’re being protective, and perhaps it’s because if a woman cries to a man, it likely means that she implicitly trusts him.

Bragging About His Accomplishments

It’s no secret that men like to have their egos stroked, but it doesn’t always have to be about their bulging biceps. Nothing makes a man happier than when his mate brags to others about the little things he does. Everyone loves being told that they look great, but it’s equally important to compliment him on something other than his appearance.

Getting Ready in Front of Him

Everyone has heard R&B lyrics about men watching their women get ready for the day, and there’s solid reasoning behind it. While it may not apply to a woman who spends two hours perfecting her look, most men enjoy watching her brush her hair or put on some lip gloss. Makeup is a foreign concept to most men, and when women get ready in front of their mates, it can be a real turn-on.

Every man is different, and as such, they have different turn-ons. However, this list is a great place to start. If a woman wants to catch his eye, she should try one or more of the tips on this list.