Recreational Holiday Vehicles

They come in many shapes in sizes. Each has a different purpose. Whether it is a small van with a mattress in the back or a half million dollar motor home, they all provide you with an opportunity to get out and about to explore Australia.

  • Tent trailer. Usually just a small box trailer with an attached tent that folds out. It usually offers basic sleeping accommodation only.
  • Campertrailer.┬áSimilar to a tent trailer, but with considerably more features. It often has pull out drawers concealing sinks, barbecues, generators and more. Many are built with a 4WD chassis. Generally heavier than a tent trailer. Becoming more and more popular as the features improve. Many are more expensive than comparative sized caravans.
  • Slide on Campers. A separate unit that is slid on to the backs of utility vehicles or table top style vehicles. They then usually fold out into a larger tent style structure.
  • Pop Top Caravans. A caravan with its roof lowered whilst being towed. Once you arrive at your destination. the top of the caravan is then extended to the height of a normal caravan. Thus the term, pop top. The main advantage of this over the caravan is less wind resistance when being towed.
  • Caravan.┬áProbably the most popular recreational vehicle in Australia. They can be small, large, basic or luxuriously appointed. However, all are towed behind a vehicle. Before hiring or buying a caravan, ensure that the towing vehicle will be suitable.
  • Campervans. Generally vehicles that are fitted out for a camping style holiday. Usually have bunks, cupboards and a small kitchenette. The roof often is of a “pop top” style so you can stand up when the vehicle has arrived at your destination. Backpackers are often seen in small campervans which are sometimes fitted out with nothing much more than a small gas stove, double foam mattress and esky.
  • Motorhomes. A larger version of a campervan. The major difference being that they are built on a small or large truck style chassis. Usually self contained, well appointed and popular with the longer term traveller
  • Fifth Wheelers.┬áThese look very similar to a caravan but connect to the towing vehicle with a turntable style of hitch, usually located on the tray of a utility vehicle. This allows articulated motion. The towing vehicle is generally large with powerful motors. Some fifth wheelers even have accommodation for a horse or two or three!