So You Want To Travel

Pros and Cons of Travelling

Holiday time has arrived and with it the urgent desire to see more of the world than just the cocoon you live in.’ Home town” might be comfortable and great to be in, but there is much more of the world to see! A visit to your local travel agent produces a mass of brochures and pamphlets for your perusal; each containing a multitude of exciting places that you simply must visit for a multitude of reasons!

Now you are really mind boggled! Perhaps France would be a good option; with the Eiffel tower and the glamour of Paris? There are so many old and interesting Chateaux and rambling villages in the countryside, which are all worth a visit. Historically there is much to absorb and cater for every taste. Whilst in Paris, take a stroll beside the Seine River or just sit at a café on the Champs Elysee, watching well dressed people pass by. It can be quite fun and entertaining, plus a great relief for sore feet from all the walking that one does when sightseeing. The good coffee that is a trade mark of Paris, provides an excellent pick-me-up.

Another brochure that catches your eye relates to Russia. Here you can take a boat trip on the Volga River from Moscow to St. Petersburg; with many stops being made at the little islands en route. There are old monasteries and churches that can be visited; each with an interesting history. Of course in Moscow itself, there is the magnificent Kremlin; which because of its large grounds and gold onion topped buildings, is a great source of interest. In Red Square you can view Lenin’s tomb and the Gum department store. A charming little custom in Moscow is the “wedding bridge”. Here the less affluent population come in full wedding regalia, in horse-drawn carriages; the horses are dressed in bells and accessories, to have a “reception”. They bring along food and drink to celebrate, which they do with great enthusiasm. Sometimes there are two or three wedding ceremonies being enjoyed at the same time. The view from this bridge over Moscow is quite spectacular.

Still deciding, you look at a brochure of Sao Michel in the Azores. The Azores are a group of islands that are part of Portugal. A daily flight from Lisbon will take you across to Sao Miguel. What a beautiful island it is too! Hydrangeas grow wild and line roadways. Ponta Delgada is a port town and bustles with activity. There are many eateries to satisfy hungry visitors. The most delicious Portuguese Chicken dishes are served in the restaurants, together with other traditional cuisine. Being a Volcanic island, there are magnificent lakes and hot geysers to see. Should you wish to swim the sea is cold as it is the Atlantic; the sand on the beaches is Black. The farmers of the geyser area wrap their dinner in muslin and bury it in the hot ground while they are at work in the fields. At the end of the day on their way back they unearth it. It is cooked and hot, ready to eat when they arrive home! A visit to the Azores is very different and very relaxing.