There Is Something for Everyone on Broadway

A visit to New York City is not complete without seeing Broadway Shows Playing New York NYC. Broadway shows are unlike any other attraction or experience because the excitement and creativity of offered plays always include something to accommodate the preferences and interests of theater goers. Whether a trip to a play or musical is the first or the one-hundredth time going into a theater, the experience will be different.


It is virtually impossible to get tickets for a show on the same day. Some shows are sold out months in advance depending on the buzz and popularity generated by the subject matter. Even plays, such as Wicked! and Avenue Q, that are celebrating fifteen continuous years on Broadway, are typically sold out at least weeks in advance. Go online and purchase tickets as soon as the planning or a trip begins. It is wise to have a few plays selected just in case the first choice has no more vacant seats while the family is in New York City.

Many people who live outside the city take a bus tour that includes a show and the ride back home. Some tours also include a meal. This eliminates the expense of a hotel after the show. There is very little parking available in New York City, so driving just to see a play and then driving home is expensive and impractical. Flying into the city on vacation or staying in the city at a hotel as part of the trip makes more sense.

Read Descriptions

It is not necessarily easy to determine the intended audience for a play by the title alone. Read the brief description that details the subject matter of the play, especially if some family members are young children. There are many Disney musicals, like Aladdin and Frozen, that are appropriate for kids. Avenue Q is a play with puppets as some of the characters but is not meant for young audiences.

Sticker Shock

Those who have never been to a play on Broadway may be surprised at the cost per ticket. As with all other attractions and activities, the rule of supply and demand applies. Be prepared to spend more money on tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which won one of a total of six Tony Awards for Best Play in 2018, than tickets to something that is less well-known.