Your Best Travelling Companion

Online audio books are a definite asset when it comes to travelling from town to town, state to state or country to country. Does you professional job take you on the road or in the air often? Maybe you are lucky enough to afford many travel holidays throughout the year, or does the family head off to the lake each weekend for relaxation?

It really does not matter how you travel or for what reason, but do you enjoy audio books during your travels? This is the most important question to ask if you travel a lot or even a little.

There are many benefits to audio books that also fall into travel such as:

  • Listen to audiobooks literally anywhere
  • Use audio books for entertainment
  • Audio books are educational for the entire family
  • Audio books make travel time go by faster
  • Learn to meditate and relax with audiobooks
  • Drown out outside noises by listening to an audiobook

You see, audio books can be listened:

  • In dark areas such as at night in a vehicle or a plane
  • In areas that are typically noisy such as airport, bus or train terminals
  • To learn life values for the entire family while travelling
  • If you are in a quiet area and do not want to bother people, no problem
  • While waiting for or walking to your connector flight or transfer

There are so many benefits to audio books and travel, it is surprising that so many travellers do not pack audio books with them. Not long ago, I was travelling a long way to visit family. I had 4 long lay overs in different airports, they averaged out to 7 hours each. That is almost and entire working day stuck in an airport terminal. Now with security these days, I did not want to leave the secure terminal. So what does one do in airport terminal for 7 hours? Well, since I am an advocate for audiobooks, I had a good selection of books with me. I listened to some comedy audiobooks from well known stand up comedy artists. I listened to a couple longer novels that I was dying to hear, and I also had some short informational audiobooks on certain topics that interested me.

Before I knew it, the lay overs were soon over and I was able to continue onward to my destination. Once I got onto the plane, I continued to listen to these audiobooks and the 12 hour flight was over very fast.

**Travel Tip**

I find it very tough to sleep on a plane even if it is 12 hours long. So I also include some really good meditation and relaxation audiobooks in my travel bags. Now I sleep like a baby and wake up at the destination refreshed and ready to explore, no more jet lag for me!

So next time you have to travel for even a short distance, try taking a few audio books with you. Remember to pick titles and authors that are you favorites and book topics that you can easily absorb information from. I guarantee that your next work trip or holiday vacation travel time will be easier to sit through and go by a lot faster.